The 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches Program

Transform Your Health Coaching Business in Just 8 Weeks as a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach

Even if you have limited entrepreneurial experience, no design background, and struggle to get your health coach business up-and-running

Diane Sanfilippo | 21-Day Sugar Detox

If we haven't already met, I'm Diane Sanfilippo, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and the New York Times bestselling author behind Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I'm also the voice behind the popular podcasts, the Balanced Bites Podcast and Build a Badass Business.  

I've combined my passions of helping folks conquer their sugar monster with the lessons I've learned while building several successful businesses to create the ultimate business-in-a-box for health coaches and wellness professionals.

As a former graphic designer turned Certified Nutrition Consultant, I know what it is like to start a business from scratch.

You learn what you need to know about food in your health coach training, and then you're sent into the world to find clients and attempt to make money with hardly any business guidance.

It’s not easy!

Plus, you may not have the time, money, energy, resources or skills to design, create, and sell your own program.

GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to!

Let me help!

Since 2010, I’ve been leading groups of people through The 21-Day Sugar Detox with eBooks, printed books, and the online program. 

My team and I have developed a proven program that will allow you to become a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach with my stamp of approval – and our support! 

You’ll learn how to coach others to lead a healthier, happier life by conquering their sugar and carb cravings... and turn it into a rewarding, profitable business.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches Program is a business-in-a-box.

Don’t stress about creating beautiful graphics, presentations, brochures… it’s already done for you! Plus, we share our best marketing tips and tricks, social media secrets, and most importantly, we provide you support every step of the way.

If you're a health and wellness professional looking to grow your business, becoming a 21DSD Certified Coach makes you a trusted figure representing a best-selling program. The official 21DSD Coaches graphics provide instant brand recognition to boost your coaching services.

And as a health coaching professional, you may feel frustrated by the effort you have put into finding the perfect client or creating attractive graphics or handouts… while ending up empty-handed or disappointed!

You don’t need to spend your time and money developing a new program when The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a trusted brand that has already helped hundreds of thousands of folks bust their sugar and carb cravings.

This program was designed with YOU in mind!